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Mojo had one of the best brand guidelines, and some of the best design style guides in the the space. Raising a whopping 100m round, requires a standard of design and strategy to bring their ground breaking tech to the market. Mojo works closely with Knife and Fox to assist with their website, app, and marketing across all their channels. They trust Knife and Fox to assist alongside their top-tier talent to push the brand to new heights.


Joining a talented team can be daunting. Meeting their expectations for top-tier design can be intimidating. Our team not only faced the challenge of creating high-quality design assets, but also developing a strategy to help Mojo communicate their innovative ideas effectively. We aimed to bring these ideas to life.

The solution

Assistance in all Verticals

Our team collaborates directly with Mojo's leadership team in their Marketing and Product Departments. We closely partner with their Art Directors to ensure alignment with their brand guidelines and incorporate any new design elements they create. Additionally, we support the marketing team in creating Digital Marketing Designs, Web Design, and Webflow Development.

The impact

Expanded Partnership

Ever since joining forces with Mojo, our collaboration has grown stronger than ever. They have not only maintained their trust in our team but have also tripled down on their reliance on us. We are proud to say that we have been able to meet their increased demands and provide the necessary support to help them achieve their goals.