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Designing the Future of Mobile App Testing with Kobiton


Knife and Fox, a renowned design and development agency, had the privilege to work with Kobiton, a cutting-edge mobile app testing platform. Our objective was to create a cohesive design system and a full dashboard that not only streamlines the user experience but also elevates the brand's identity.


In the initial stages of our collaboration with Kobiton, we identified a key challenge: the existing user interface lacked a unified design system, leading to inconsistencies in user experience across different platforms. The absence of a streamlined approach hindered the overall usability of the mobile app testing platform. Users faced difficulties navigating through the system, impacting their efficiency and, consequently, the perceived value of Kobiton's services. Additionally, there was a need to integrate new features into the platform without compromising its overall coherence, presenting a complex design challenge for our team.

The solution

Crafting a Seamless UX Evolution

To address these challenges, Knife and Fox initiated a comprehensive overhaul of Kobiton's design system. Our team began by conducting a thorough audit of the existing user interface to pinpoint areas of inconsistency and inefficiency. We then crafted a cohesive design system that not only provided a seamless user experience but also established a strong visual identity for Kobiton. By introducing standardized design elements and navigation patterns, we ensured a uniform experience across various devices, enhancing user satisfaction and usability.

The impact

Kobiton successfully raised $12 million in funding based on the designs we crafted.

As a direct result of our collaboration, Kobiton was able to raise $12 million in funding based on the designs our team created. This achievement highlights the importance of a well-designed dashboard and cohesive design system in securing investors' confidence.