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Brand Strategy

Our Brand management strategies are geared towards promoting your business and earning you a place at the forefront of your industry. We pay close attention to current global/local trends, new market developments and changes in consumer behavior so as to gain new insights that’ll help you communicate your brands, products/services and value proposition to your audience.  Our services in this area include; Brand research, logo design, logo validation etc.

Brand Research

We carry out extensive research to ensure we understand rival brands and identify the strengths and weaknesses in their brand messaging. Our aim is to significantly improve our clients reach and appeal to existing and new audiences across various markets.

Logo Design

Our research also helps create eye catching and creative logo designs that will communicate your corporate identity and value offerings to your audiences in an elegant and concise manner. We’ll create the ideal logo of your brand and make your business look appealing wherever it shows up.

Logo Validation

We’ll provide you with options and help you arrive at the best choice for a logo. We’ll test each logo’s appeal with your target audience and see which fits best to your brand identity and messaging.

Brand Guidelines

We’ll help define your brand’s logo to its finest details to ensure its replication across different marketing mediums are exact. From your brand logo, colors, color schemes, font types, messaging etc. We will help make sure your brand identity is consistent across all platforms.


Our team of videographers, video curators, designers and editors are second to none. They are constantly looking to find new and exciting ways around words and pictures to help communicate our client’s brands and business to their audience.

Responsive Web Design

Whether it’s a highly robust ecommerce website or simple informational website, our team of highly skilled web designers and developers will work together to create the visually stunning custom website that will help generate the traffic and revenue your business requires. We make sure your website is compatible with all types of devices and our Webflow enabled websites give your marketing team the full flexibility it needs to easily make changes to its design and content.


Our team works directly with you and your team to come up with the ideal schematic for your web pages to help you visually depict the exact layout of your web content. We make sure to walk our clients through this stage so as to to enable them to thoroughly think through their web designs before actual design and development begins.

Visual Identity

Our approach to web design is highly simplistic and concise. We are committed to helping our clients develop a strong visual identity both online and on print to eliminate cases of error or ambiguity.  

A/B Testing

Our websites are highly responsive. We test and retest our clients web content to find out what best resonates with their audience and see what eventually drives its traffic and converts her visitors.  

Webflow Development

We have exclusively developed our clients’ websites on Webflow since 2014. We discovered that webflow affords our clients more flexibility when it comes to content and design manipulation. Prior to that, we used platforms such as WordPress and CraftCMS, and webflow wins hands down.

Product Design

Knife and Fox helps in the imagination, creation, and iteration of our clients’ different products that will help them solve customer’s problems or address their specific needs in a given market. We help our clients understand their customer needs and preferences and also make sure to incorporate them into the product designs.

User Research

We also embark on very robust user research programs to help our clients understand the target users of their product or services which enables us to find critical information to apply in our web design process.

UX  / Wireframes

Before a product looks pretty we need to make sure the User Experience is solid. We build your wireframes and help define the user flow for getting to point A to point B.

Style Guide

Now that the wireframes are done, it’s time to embed those sketches with your brand identity. We’ll make sure to come up with a style guide that best explains how an organization will presents itself to their audience through its logo, font and color schemes and its other features.

Pixel Perfect Component Library

Worried about coming up with an icon pack that best suits your brand and conveys your message aptly? Not to worry, we got you covered on that. We’ll ensure that your entire design system is built on a pixel perfect component library which will allow your design to scale with your product as quickly as possible.


At Knife and Fox Digital Agency, we specialize in developing extremely robust, high-performing, client-focused, customer-centric and digitally transforming websites for our clients. Our websites are highly functional, very secure, user friendly and flexible enough to allow for quick scaling as their business expands. We pride ourselves on our ability to create stunning websites that will drive traffic, increase conversions and deliver tangible business results to your organization in record time.

Full Stack Front End

From the planning stage of the project, to managing databases, building user interfaces, data structuring, and solving client specific needs, our team of highly experienced developers possess the skills and expertise that are relevant for all layers of the web development process. Our developers are fluent in CSS, HTML, and JavaScript programming as well as other front-end programming languages like Bootstrap, Backbone, Foundation, VueJs, AngularJS, EmberJS, ReactJs, etc. to make sure they provide you with great-looking websites irrespective of the device it’s displayed on.

React / React Native

Our team of highly skilled developers are proficient in delivering the most challenging and complex React / React Native App Development Services that scales very quickly in line with our clients’ business needs.

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