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QuintilesIMS is the world’s largest provider of product development and integrated services in the healthcare industry. By harnessing the power of design and technology to optimize their solutions, this Fortune 500 company is paving an amazing path forward for healthcare around the world.
WebApp (CMS)
User Experience
User Interface
Motion Design

Project Focus

What does the role of design play in the future of healthcare? How can we communicate more effectively through user interfaces to draw meaningful insight from data, ultimately improving the lives of patients around the world. QuintilesIMS brought us onboard to build a forward looking interface kit that can be adopted across their 50,000 person company and integrated with over 200+ products.
Apollo Design
Apollo is a new design language crafted uniquely for QuintilesIMS, inspired by the weightlessness of the Apollo Orbiter. This language consists of principles and patterns to seamlessly guide every product.
Distraction Free
Our vision for the kit was to create elegant solutions that allowed important data and medical insights to effortlessly shine. Our kit elements needed to prop up the information for the users, not overwhelm them.
Cross Platform
We intentionally designed this kit to properly translate across every platform needed, a priority for a global brand with a wide range of use cases.

In summary

Working with QuintilesIMS is always a pleasure for us. Such a motivated team that is pushing the envelope in the health industry and we could not be more honored to be apart of it.

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