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It all spawned from a simple idea. The awesome guys from Kernl wanted to create a way to make purchasing anything and everything a more personal experience. What did they have in mind? Video stories. We teamed up with Kernl to help them make this awesome concept a reality.
User Experience
User Interface
Motion Design

Project Focus

How can revolutionize the way people and brands sell things? What would it look like to have the actual story behind a product become a regular element in the purchase process? Our challenge was to make buying and selling more personal and fun.
In a sense, these video stories are commercials for products. We gave creators a full set of tools to make their videos most compelling - clip editing, painting, emojis, text overlays, and tagging.
We crafted a homepage feed with categorized content including featured stories, stories near you, and trending topics. Once viewing a story, users can simply swipe up to hop to the next story.
Purchase Flow
The purchasing process is streamlined by utilizing Apple Pay as a default payment method within the story context to capitalize on quick transactions. For in person sales, Kernl automatically sets up a direct message between buyer and seller.

In summary

It was such a blast working on Kernl and cannot be more happy that these guys have launched and are growing fast. As their first product team, we got to really dig deep and build something from the ground up - an experience we do not take for granted. Keep your eyes peeled for them on Apple’s Planet of the Apps show coming up early next year!

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