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We teamed up with Ink to help them bring their vision for a new messaging app to life. By linking specific words to images or gif, users can build their own personalized language to communicate - one that substitutes text for images. This more engaging chat concept got our team amped to dive on in.
User Experience
User Interface
Motion Design


To create a chat platform that utilizes a highly customizable visual language, while not compromising the ease, speed, and familiarity of regular ol’ texting.
Quick Flow
As the user types, they can tap any word to convert it to an image or gif from from their camera, library, or web search. When the users uses that word in the future, it automatically populates that linked image/gif when that particular word is used.
Ink Sets
Ink sets are ways for users to manage their images. Whether is linking new images to word in bulk or editing your old words, users can make sure their set truly matches his or her uniqueness.
Ink is a super fun product to use. With that in mind, we made sure that the styling, icons, illustrations, and on-boarding all matched their core identity. All these elements make using the app that much easier and more enjoyable.

In summary

We are so amped with how Ink turned out. Our team even uses it around the office to lighten the mood. We’re having a competition to see who can build the biggest Ink Set. It’s been a wild ride seeing this product grow from early sketches to being in the hands of users around the world.

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